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April 3, 2021  

Back in business! An entry for Twitter’s SpringFlingKidLit, titled Double You:

April 3, 2021

Been a heck of a year. Hitting that 2021 vibe with lots of positive energy, bringing the right... weight to bear on new opportunities.

Here's a little of what I've been up to, creativity-wise. As I've waded back into my own writing, I've come across a format that works for me, and an encouraging, accountability-partnering community in the children's literature picture book Twitter world. This great bunch of folks happen to facilitate a few early-year competitions, one of which is this SpringFlingKidLit challenge, constraining manuscript submissions to 150 words or less.

Here's my entry for said challenge: a manuscript titled DOUBLE YOU, focused on helping understand relative weights using doubling as a venue for getting bigger.



A party for one is not so much fun. Bigger is better, so let’s double it!
Let’s see…
You. (35 pounds)
Double you! (70 pounds)
Double you equals comfy chair.
Two comfy chairs equals one cougar, (140 pounds)
Double cougar chases a zebra? (280 pounds)
Two zebras make a pig! (560 pounds)
A piano is two pigs. Now we’ve got a party! (1120 pounds)
Would you believe that a cow weighs two pianos? (2240 pounds)
It’s getting kind of crazy! Two cows gets you a rhinoceros! (4480 pounds)
Double rhinos for one hippo? Could it be true?? (8960 pounds)
Uh oh.
Two hippos make a T-Rex. RUN! (18000 pounds)
Two T-Rexes make a helicopter. Carry him away! (36000 pounds)
Party time with animals is messy. 
Good thing double helicopters make a garbage truck. (72000 pounds)
Let’s clean up. Whew! 
Now we’re back to double you.
Weigh to go!